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Shameless Plug – I’m in a Book


If you still haven’t picked up a copy of Data-Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Analyzing and Applying Building Data, by Randy Deutsch and published by Wiley, please do. Title is a mouthful, and the information very rich to help with decisions, improving design and performance of buildings. There are fantastic stories included for… Read More

What’s New with You, Autodesk?

I get it, we havent’ talked in a while. We’ve both been busy. So, I just thought I’d ask: how’s it going, Autodesk? Recently, I wrote a review of Revit 2017 for Architect. There’s never really enough room to say everything. Hopefully my top five list as something you’ll be able to sink your teeth… Read More

Global BIM Collaboration Just Got Real

In the real estate business, the biggest catch phrase of the last 30 years has been “location, location, location”. In the world of BIM and how you assemble teams to work on designing buildings that has also been true. We have always been bound by the limits of our corporate networks or made to jump… Read More

2 comments on “Home

  • Dear Sean David Burke,

    I just saw your “Postcard from the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree” in Architect. It’s a fun and enlightening read — thanks for the report!

    You might also be interested in the many tiny house designs we offer on Houseplans.com, which are also touched on in our Time To Build blog.

    I look forward to reading about the tiny house you are building for yourself.



    Daniel P. Gregory, Ph. D.
    Editor-in-Chief, Consumer Media
    Hanley Wood

  • Thank you so much! I’m honored to be a contributor to your publication. Will definitely have a look. Normally I’m writing about BIM and the architecture profession here. My tiny house journey can be followed at: http://unboxedhouse.com


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