BIM, a primer
Don’t feel left out if you have yet to become familiar with the term BIM. The acronym that every software company which produces CAD products likes to take credit for coming up with, Building Information Modeling, was actually coined by Jerry Lasserin, author of the Lasserin Letter, and very quickly became part of the AEC (Architecture / Engineering / Construction) lexicon.

Everyone is always concentrating on the Modeling portion of that term, which causes lots of anxiety. BIM does not necessarily entail 3D. Many have argued, that the most important resultant of this trend in the industry is the information that can be stored in the project with alongside design intent. The keys to success will most certainly be in how and who has control over this information and how it is shared downstream. Architects and engineering professionals sit at a very important crossroads in time. What can we do with this new found power? These articles, although published a short while ago, have some valuable insight into the problem:
Hagerman & Company – Technology Bulletin

Beyond BIM – by Tomislav Zigo

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In this Case, Change is Good – by Micheal Dakan

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