I have a strong belief in sustainable design. “Green” architecture has been steadily moving out of the fringes and into even the most “traditional-minded” of design firms. Some have their own take on the subject, but I feel it just makes good business sense to educate yourself about the options available to provide the best possible product to our clients. Soon there will be new resource to find that information, read case studies, and share ideas and experiences in a community setting.

In conjunction with the upcoming television series “DESIGN: e², the Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious”, hosted by Brad Pitt, Autodesk is launching, on May 31st, a new website related to sustainable design.

Want to read more?

Read the interview with Autodesk’s Phil Bernstein, vice-president of Autodesk’s Building Solutions Division in Cadalyst magazine:


The Autodesk Sustainability Center website:


“DESIGN: e², the Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious” television program series website:


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