No, not with curtains. That’s another profession. We’re talking trim. For years people have asked for ways to create simple trim boards around windows and doors in ADT. It hasn’t been easy.

It, in fact, still isn’t as simple as running ‘trim’ command. However, a pair of articles on ARCHIdigm spells out the process very clearly so that you can create trim, add it to a ‘Jig’ drawing, and apply to multiple styles in your library and project drawings. The example given is for a residential project, but the principals are the same for commercial work as well. If you want quick results, the author has even provided a download of the completed drawing with of a sample window style with interior and exterior trim. You can use the illustrated techniques to build content with casing, sills, brick moulds, even shutters, or other items that you want attached to a window or door.

A warning: It is assumed that the reader already has a good understanding of the ADT display system.

The articles:

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