SolarFest 057.jpg

Below are some friends and alumni of the 1993 Roger Williams University School of Architecture last July… at Solarfest in Tinmouth, Vermont. It was a weekend of camping and networking for some, and we had a mini reunion of sorts. This is a great place to see some cool alternative energy technologies at the grass-roots of the environmental movement, with some very informative workshops on topics spanning: grid-tied solar for the home, wind power coorperatives, and demonstrations on cobb construction techniques. I even learned a bit about beekeeping. The food and music was outstanding as well.

Stay tuned, as I’m working on a tutorial for a future post to create solar studies in ADT and Revit…
SolarFest 041.jpg SolarFest 037.jpg SolarFest 034.jpg SolarFest 031.jpg SolarFest 018.jpg SolarFest 015.jpg SolarFest 012.jpg SolarFest 010.jpg
SolarFest 046.jpg SolarFest 045.jpg SolarFest 047.jpg

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