Did your mother ever tell you to “Turn off those lights if your not using them? You’re wasting Electricity.” Or have you ever played with the light switch to create your own disco club? Hey, it was the seventies… and we didn’t have a dico ball. Well now, those words come back to haunt me like some kind of cursed tiki. Along with age comes wisdom that mother was right. I’m trying to attone for those old sins and here’s one way, share it with all of you.

Energy Gauge


I first learned about this while reading the latest issue of Wired. Are you aware of the amount of energy you are using right now? Now, not calories–energy that your home or office is consuming, in real time, can be calculated with a product from Lucid Design Group. It’s called the Building Dashboard™. Once sensors are placed in the building, you can see the data in a very simple to understand widget that sits on your computer’s desktop.

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