Or, about 1 day + 23 hours of driving.

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The distance from our old home in Rhode Island to the new house in Washington when typed into Google Maps. We decided early in 2007 to start off the new year with a new home in the Pacific Northwest. Although I love New England dearly and have lived in various corners of it for over 33 years, and except for a short 4 years living in Charlotte, I have often dreamed of far away places. I do still consider myself a Bostonian, and I won’t lose my allegiance to the Red Sox and Bruins. 🙂     However, my wife Elizabeth is from Seattle and we decided to live closer to her familiy and old freinds. Since I travel for my work – it’s wonderful to have a strong support system.

So, here we go… Day number one:
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Five states in 9 hours, driving just 470 miles – yes the moving van is a bit slow up those Pennsylvania Mountains. We’re looking forward to the Rockies.  Sigh. I don’t quite understand how it’s possible. The states do start getting larger as we move west. This evening we stay in DuBois, PA. Oh, and did I mention the Bluegrass Festival here at the hotel? Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight – daylight savings time starts early! Awesome music, poor timing. Sleep is such a precious commodity. Tomorrow: South Bend, Indiana.

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