One of the many sights that must be soaked in have you the opportunity, is the Badlands National Park of South Dakota. During the recent 8 day cross-country trip, we all stopped to take a slight detour through this amazing landscape. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most pleasant day so the brilliant colors typically shown off by the sun are not evident in these photos. It was grand nonetheless. There’s a boardwalk that is partly ADA accessible, except in a few spots. Now that’s a lot of stairs.

Badlands Stairs to nowhere…

Speaking of stairs, there’s a feature improvement that may have been  missed by many AutoCAD Architecture (ADT) users, beginning in the 2007 version. Stairs can now wrap over themselves in a single object. Yes, even spiral stairs can be more than 360 degrees around. So go ahead and experiment. Just don’t try to add railings in anything but a plan view, as the location is slightly unpredictable in a 3D view. See… it can be done. -> Wrapping Stairs

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