Rumors abound about the compatibility of Autodesk software with Microsoft Vista 32-bit and 64-bit versions. A new paper documenting compatibility will soon be is now available to allow you to get the details, and make informed decisions for your firm’s needs. An update to this post will reflect where Here, you can download information from Autodesk Labs.

Revit Architecture 2008, for instance, is compatible with Windows Vista. Revit Architecture 2008 will run on 32-bit systems or as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit Windows Vista system. Currently there is no native 64-bit Revit Architecture application. Previous versions of Revit Architecture are not Windows Vista compatible. There has not been found any significant difference in performance between Windows XP and Vista when running benchmarking software.

At this time, I’ve been telling the customers I work with that if they want better memory management for applications, then go ahead and plan for Vista in you next round of upgrades. If you are finding that for very large projects, you need more than the 4GB limit of addressable RAM, try using Vista 64-bit, as this can dramatically affect printing and rendering times.

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  • Now there’s a section of the Autodesk website dedicated to
    Microsoft Vista Compatibility with more detailed information, an FAQ section, and information about DWFx, the new file format readable by Vista without the need for installing additional viewers such as Design Review.

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