If you’ve loaded up Revit and were looking for the help-based tutorials and the associated training files to go along with them, never fear. Go to the menu bar and click Help > Tutorials, and there will be a link that takes you directly to the content downloads. The instructions are simple to download and replace your current help file, and choose Imperial or Metric content for the training files.

Where do I find the archive of Webcasts, presented by Autodesk?

Resource Centers to the rescue.
If you’d seen some of the web tutorials presented by Autodesk, but have lost the various URLs, this site that collects them all: www.autodesk.com/get2bim. Choose your discipline and click the “Learn More” button. You’ll have access to the full archive of all webcasts, and links to sign up for any upcoming events. This is a great way to find out about new versions of the Revit applications, and is full of time-saving tips and tricks.

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