On the topic of rendering, as many folks asked (but I could not speak about) at AU… I can now say Yes; Revit Architecture 2009, and the other discipline-specific flavors, will have the mental ray rendering engine embedded. This is going to really enhance the workflow of the designer. And… as if that was not enough, the new 3ds Max Design 2009, which appears to be taking the place of VIZ has an excellent workflow taking  models from Revit and adding that extra zing. With the ability to export to FBX file format, and having mental ray ProMaterials in Autodesk 3ds Max Design, importing the model geometry with lights, materials, and cameras will be more fluid and much more accurate. I wish I could show you some sample renderings, but that will have to wait a bit longer. For now, enjoy the press announcements and some of the other blogs mentioning the new products.

Visit the Autodesk World Press day website for more information on the latest product announcements: http://www.worldpressdays08.com

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