I, like some others out there have decided to join the Apple Mac community. I’m testing out my new MacBook Pro with VmWare Fusion running Windows XP Pro and Revit 2009. The key to running any OS in virtualization is to dedicate the right amount of RAM. Based on many recommendations, I’ve decided that the RAM and hard-drive speed were the two areas worthy of spending my dough. This arrangement runs so much faster than all previous workstation-quality laptops I’ve used. The beta version of Fusion 2 looks promising in that there will be more sophisticated (but still experimental according to the documentation) video drivers. I will post the results from my benchmarking tests in a future post.

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  • Just wondering if you considered using Vista instead of XP? or even if you considered running a 64 bit Windows to coincide with 64 bit version of Revit

  • I have recently started using Vista x64 Ultimate inside a virtual machine. After a few tweaks, I’ve found that I enjoy it immensely. It’s still a good idea to have both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Revit installed, so you can choose which is appropriate for a given task. (For instance, there is a known issue with 64, where you cannot export to ODBC – and others in the Readme.doc).

    The first thing to know about Vista is what features your system can and cannot run, and adjusting accordingly.

    The second, and perhaps more important, is to shut off User Access Control (UAC). Many software vendors require that you do this at least when you are installing software, so I keep it off always.


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