For many, many releases, customers have asked for Service Pack technology like AutoCAD-based products… And now, without further adieu, here it is! This is a much smaller download, but includes Web Update #1 as well. Along with that pleasant change, there are many improved stability and performance gains to be had by deploying this update.

I try to remember to back up my personalized settings before installing any updates to applications like Revit which are critical to my work (particularly “Revit.ini” and “KeyboardShortcuts.txt”). That being said, the installation will now backup your files for you. Any files replaced by the Service Pack will be copied to backup folders named XXX_SP2 according to the Readme file.

The Web Update 2 can be found under the Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP 2009 product download pages:

5 comments on “Revit 2009 Web Update 2

  • Sean,

    Would you recommend Revit for a small residential firm? We are currently using AutoCAD LT2008 and it is working well for us. I have been considering moving to BIM software, but I am concerned about the learning curve for my staff. What are your thoughts? Is Revit the way to go? Or would you recommend another software?


  • Mark,
    Good to hear from you again. Small firms can be the ideal place to nurture the change of a new processes, and business opportunities that ultimately come from switching to Revit. Particularly, with small firms that I’ve worked with, I find that you are more agile and able to phase in new tools in such a way that they complement your business, rather than disrupt the process of completing projects. We should definitely talk, feel free to call me anytime. I’m sending you my contact info.
    – Sean

  • Just FYI Update #1 is not included in WebUpdate #2. You have to download the entire Update #1 build in order to apply the Update #2.

  • That’s correct. BTW. Web Update #3 is now available, as of yesterday. For those in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving to you… and hope to see you at Autodesk University next week.

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