Believe it or not, this new Autodesk download manager tool not only seems to be speedy, but works in Safari, on a Mac no less. Wow, was that a pleasant surprise. Now that many of the new products are available for a free trial download, simply itchy waiting for my physical DVDs to arrive, and being the major geek that I am I thought – let’s give it a whirl. Low and behold, it worked.

OK, so the image points to the soon to be announced evidence that I am not solely dedicated to Revit. There are many customers out there, who still use and love AutoCAD Architecture. There’s a project in the works, which I’ll discuss when the time is right which involves ACA 2010, and training. Now, where was that line command again? Just kidding.

Download Manager

Exhibit A.

Earlier in the week, I also successfully logged into my Autodesk Subscription account through Safari, and there was no hint of the typical warnings of browser compatibility. Now, we just need to work on that pesky legacy Buzzsaw accessibility.

Kudos to the marketing and web teams at Autodesk for increasing support for browsers other than IE. Job well done.

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