Support for the Mac running Revit 2010 in Boot Camp is now officially recognized by Autodesk. Never thought this day would actually arrive. A cool breeze must be running through the halls at AEC HQ today. Despite what the Apple ads say, it really is a PC, it just happens to be an Apple PC. It’s a PC that I’ve enjoyed using for over two years now and the experience has been nothing short of awesome.

A few diehards at the factory have been testing and kicking the tires for a while now. A little leprechaun told me that even a Revit programmer or two use a Macbook Pro, similar to my own for their everyday work. So, to the rest of you… it’s alright now, you can step out into the light.

Mind you this support is only for running Boot Camp, but hey it’s a start. I’ve been using VMWare Fusion since I got this machine, and it’s alright for training and occasional demos. Now, if virtualization was good enough to use on projects day to day, that would be a whole different ball game.

Read the rest of the story here: The Revit Clinic: Take a bite of that Apple.

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