If you wish to concurrently work in Revit for creating construction documents, and visualizations, you must learn to separate logically. Digital entourage such as RPC content, or people cars and trees can coexist in your building information model. This video shows how you can use worksets to contain elements you do not want visible in all views.

Warning: I finally picked up a new headset for creating these recordings, so the volume may be a little higher than previous videos. Enjoy.

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As an added tip: If you forgot to uncheck the box “Visible by default in all views”, no problem, just carefully follow the steps below:

  • Create a brand new workset to contain the model components you wish to control visibility of, being sure this timeto uncheck the ‘visible’ box
  • Be sure to ‘synchronize with central’, or ‘save to central’ depending on your version of Revit, reliquishing all borrowed
  • Make the workset you wish to convert ‘editable’
  • Choose the old workset containing the objects you wish to make invisible in the project views
  • Click Delete
  • Now the important part here is to choose the new workset to move these items to, we certainly don’t wish to delete our model components
  • Now just use Visibility/Graphics Overrides (keyboard shortcut VG) to change the visibility in selected views from the Worksets tab.

For other cool tips, or more information on this method described above be sure to go to http://au.autodesk.com, sign in and search for the Autodesk University 2008 class I co-authored called “Horrible Hacks”. If you are attending AU this year, hopefully I’ll see you there.

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