Webinar classes:

Looking for ways to save money on training? Why not attend a short focused event that will provide high value at an affordable cost? The following topics are announced:

  • Nov 13 @ 10AM PST – Integrating: Revit with Ecotect – 2 hours
  • Nov 23 @ 10AM PST – Secrets of Revit Conceptual Massing – 2 hours

Integrating Revit and EcotectIntegrating: Revit with Ecotect

Looking for ways to integrate sustainable design into your current workflow, or simply a way to work smarter? Perform analysis of building designs when it has the most potential rewards, during conceptual design. Seating is limited, so sign up today.

Topics Covered:

  • Using Revit conceptual models
  • Preparing a Revit project model
  • Export options for gbXML
  • Compelling reasons for exporting to DXF
  • Optimum Ecotect import settings
  • Considering site and weather conditions
  • Applying parametric rules to Ecotect objects
  • Performing early daylight and thermal analysis
  • Iterative design and optioning

View the full course information, and sign up today at EventBrite.com

Revit MassingSecrets of: Revit Conceptual Massing

Revit Architecture 2010 has some very powerful conceptual design tools, but for those migrating from earlier versions of the software using these new tools can be daunting at first. If you want to understand how to create flexible, parametric building forms this class is for you. We will cover the essentials of the conceptual mass editing environment, as well as how to create sophisticated organic forms. Seating is limited, so sign up today.

Topics Covered:

  • The Conceptual Design environment
  • The Importance of building jigs
  • Pros and Cons of choosing a modeling method
  • Working with legacy massing objects
  • From box to organic form
  • Subtleties of the environment
  • Surface rationalization
  • Creating and extending panel families
  • Extracting data for design analysis

View the full course information, and sign up today at EventBrite.com

Other News:

Additionally, full course sample agendas are now released for Revit Architecture 2010 and Ecotect Analysis 2010. For more information visit the Training page.

Productivity. Fast!

The Revit Architecture production training is part of the Productivity. Fast!™ implementation system. This allows you to get up to speed quickly by combining training with a live project and applied concepts. Mentoring and project assistance is provided ‘just-in-time’ so you can get your work done and capture lessons learned. Below is this four-part system of implementation which allows an entire office, or just a single pilot project to be completed with confidence. Each of these activities is a four-day period, which may be delivered all at once, or as project and team needs require.

  • Essentials Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Project Mentoring and Best Practices (Checkpoint)
  • Project Quality Assessment (Post Evaluation)

For more information, visit the Services section of the main website.

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