Let the games begin. Today marks the torch lighting and opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Now, although it is technically winter, this part of the country has seen so little snow.  You have to wonder why the climate change deniers still continue to talk conspiracy theories, when all I have to do is see the brown topped mountains where we have previously held the world annual snowfall record. Yes Mt. Baker, practically in my backyard, had a record 1,140 inches of snow fall on it’s peak during the 1998-1999 season. Put your calculator away, that’s not a typo – it was 95 feet! This year, snow needs to be trucked in to Whistler, and the other locations. Well one sport that suffers from no ill effects is speed skating.

Perhaps I’ll see Stephen Colbert practicing for his bid to take all the gold. Seriously, we wouldn’t even be taking part in these events had it not been for his generosity in getting a leg up, and sponsoring the team along with donations from fans. Apollo Ohno may not be favored to take home the gold for Team USA, but always a fan of the local underdog, I’m routing for him. The five-time Olympic medalist, and 2007 Dancing With the Stars champion is back. There are so many taleted athletes in the men’s and women’s speed skating, I just think it will be interesting to watch. I grew up playing hockey, and how could I not, growing up in Boston and watching the likes of Bobby Orr, and Raymond Bourque glide across the ice, and occasionally crushing bones. Go Bruins! Although never as good as this guy, I really enjoyed the sport, and especially the feeling of the cold air and the pungent smell of the ice and sweat in an arena.

Which finally leads us to…

What do you think? Photo or Fake? Is this a clever rendering technique? Think about it, then hit the Read More link if you are on the main blog page. Otherwise, scroll down, when you’ve decided.

What you are seeing is not a model, but a long-exposure photograph. Andrew Doran, has taken some amazing photographs of the Richmond Oval, where the Speed Skating competitions heat up over the next two weeks. Designed by Cannon Design, another Revit firm (they seem to be everywhere these days), this project is an interesting one is its focus on sustainable design, and local materials — a real challenge when creating a giant icebox. The building received a LEED Silver rating, and the design team should be applauded for creating such a dynamic space to watch a sporting event. It’s only about an hour from my house, but during the olympic events does not allow cars to park in the lots. You must buy your bus tickets, if you were lucky enough to get access to an event, for security reasons and in the interest of reducing traffic congestion. Andrew’s blog discusses the process of how he produces these very interesting and emotive images. I wonder if anyone can create similar images in Revit or 3ds Max – hmm, I’ll have to give that some thought? Read on for a description of the photographic technique and more facts about this interesting building:

Expanding your style – Apply what you have learned

2010 Olympic Oval up for World Building of the Year award


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  • Hey Sean, Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it!
    I also wanted to mention that, in all fairness, Whistler is getting tons of snow this year. While they are tucking and helicoptering snow onto Cypress Mountain near Vancouver where the freestyle and snowboarding events will be, Whistler is receiving record snowfalls this year. 20cm (8inches) last night. And, since there is nowhere to park in Whistler during the games, if you can manage to get there on a bus, there probably wont be too many tourists to fight for that amazing snow!

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