The first day for some of us at Autodesk University is over… I attended the Design Computation Symposium, and will have more to share shortly. Briefly: The theme of the day was defining what digital craftsmanship is, and could be with a look at combining the mind, hand and machine in new ways. Excellent presentations, and with the opening talk with Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, really set the stage for defining what craft and workmanship is. Dr. Robert Aish moderated and kept the discussions lively.

In actuality, the conference begins Tuesday morning, bright and early. Now, if you haven’t arrived yet, take a look at the My Sessions page at, and download all your handouts ahead of time. Mine will be handy on my iPad, so no trees will have been killed on my way to the classes. For those authors who have no handouts yet, and you know who you are… time is running out.

General rule: Long, and in-depth handouts are good for background and future reference. Short, effective slide decks show that the speaker will either have lots of good material to deliver verbally, or some amazing live examples showing us their software mastery – that’s why we arrive in person.

Follow me on Twitter, @seandburke, or search for #AU2010 and participate in the event from afar. I still have AU Virtual Full passes available which will get you into a bunch of live/video feed instructor led classes – so DM me on Twitter if you want them. I am sure they will go fast. By 7am, I will start responding to requests. Good night, and good luck.

Learn something new everyday.

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