It nearly escaped my notice today, but this officially marks the passing of five years blogging here. Thanks for being there. I look forward to the next five.

I never thought I would be interesting enough, nor have enough to say when I first started in 2006. I also didn’t expect that the face of BIM and blogging/social networking would change so much.

To borrow from Wired magazine, here’s a look at AEC and technology trends as they’ve changed over the years.

Wired | Tired | Expired
Revit | ADT/ACA | AutoCAD
Living Systems | Sustainability | Green
Collaboration | Outsourcing | Specialization
Sketchbook Pro | Impression | Architectural Studio
iOS | MacOS | Windows
Wordpress | Blogger | Windows Live
Loopt | Facebook | MySpace
The infinite | The cloud | The desktop
Digital Design Leader | BIM Manager | CAD Manager

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