A whole lotta love for 3D and conceptual design is coming out of Autodesk Labs and Autodesk Research this week. Here’s two pieces of news that will get designers to stand up and take notice.

Autodesk Labs has updated Vasari to be compatible with Revit 2012, and added a few new goodies. For a review: Project Vasari 2.0 is now available – The Sustainable Design Toolbox
Website: http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/vasari/


A new app was anounced: Autodesk 123D Beta
As a result of Carl Bass speaking at the Maker Faire last weekend, we were all treated to a new tool to enable the coming personal factory revolution.

Below is a sample that I whipped up with no training. Oh, and videos are provided to help you get the most out of the feature sets. One of the most interesting is the construction method awareness, which if you are expecting to output using 3Dprinting, or simply want to unfold and cut from flat stock on a CNC machine, there’s little out there that is more straightforward and simple to use. They’ve also teamed up with a handful of online services to help you make your digital creations materialize, and for a limited time, fabs are 50% off.

Website: www.123dapp.com

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