Note, previous versions of this video were without slides, and this version has been improved to show the visuals accompanying Steve’s very engaging and inspiring talk. I hope you all enjoy it!

At the 2010 Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design, Steve McConnell, Managing Partner of NBBJ spoke about new technologies that are driving innovative sustainable design solutions at NBBJ. Using two projects currently under construction, Steve discusses the need for new models of collaboration to enable paradigm shifts in our industry. For more information on NBBJ, visit

Click through for the iOS friendly version: How a Culture of Collaboration & Technology Enables Design Excellence at NBBJ – Steve McConnell, Managing Partner, NBBJ

It is both an honor and joy to work with such talented and visionary leaders. There are nine other wonderful presentations from other industry leaders (including one by the also eloquent speaker Phil Bernstein) also found at Design Intelligence on Vimeo.

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