Looking for architectural design problems that need solutions, or solutions to common problems. Look no further than:

Already a whiz in Revit, 3dsMax, or Rhino/Grasshopper? Respond to a challenge, so others may benefit.

Still learning how to solve a geometry problem or build a parametric component? Whether you need a component family, Revit project, GH definition, or other 3D model, sift through the various challenges or projects and their responses, and download to your heart’s content.

Be sure to post a new challenge if you have this idea that you want to crowd-source for a solution. Reward that respondent well when you find modeling Nirvana.

So the next time someone tells you that software ‘X’ cannot do ‘Y’, or ‘Z’, call their bluff and open up an example from some amazingly talented contributors. When you are ready, young padawan, you too can share your brilliance. Click for the latest activity, or search the archives. latest activity | designbymany.

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