In case this missed your notice, there’s a newly released WhitePaper on how to get started using Autodesk tools to complete early conceptual energy analysis. Fear not, this is really a bit of fun once you get started.

It has been said, most important decisions affecting energy use happen in the earliest part of design. Comparative analysis of design iterations in a – “this one is 10% better or worse than the other option” can go a long way toward responding to climate in ways you may have previously thought would require months and an energy consultant. Not that you don’t, however, testing intuition against tangible results can help you have more meaningful conversations with those specialists. Your HVAC engineer will thank you for designing a more efficient building, so they don’t have to throw (as much) equipment at an inefficient building layout to meet your client’s energy goals.

Read on: Conceptual Energy Analysis & CFD Overview – The Sustainable Design Toolbox.

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