Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Jack-O-Lanterns… Or for those stuck in the parts of the East Coast of the US suffering from that surprise Nor’Easter last weekend – Jack-O-Snowpeople. Left: Sculptor Alex Wer has done an amazing “Jobs” on this particular pumpkin… Check out Instructables (newly acquired by Autodesk) for other gord-eous treats.

Looking for a new trick?

Last week, Project Vasari saw a new update, fixing some features around importing SketchUp models, and an Add-In (ported from the Revit SDK samples) which used to be a bit challenging to deploy. Both are now plug and play ready. Go now and download the updated Vasari, and the newly available Add-In: Parameters from Image. With a gray-scale image of Mr. Jobs in hand, and some know-how, you could create a digital version of the famous sculpture using a Mass family and using the Curtain Wall Panels by Pattern feature.

For further inspiration and examples, take a look at the entries for the 3rd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving Contest on Buildz.

There’s some really great experimentation going on in those entries. My favorite is the one above, from the extraordinarily talented Marcello Sgambelluri, voted “The Baddest”. NBBJ’s own Kelvin Tam has an entry as well. Below is his take on a parametric face. Be sure to check out all the featured entries, and download them to take a look at their stringy-flesh insides. Enjoy!


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