The NYC Revit Users Group is just an outstanding resource… James does a superb job of lining up great speakers, and December was no exception. Hot off the heals of Autodesk University, and building on what may have been one of the best classes in recent memory, you will not want to miss this. Even though you may not have been at the NYC RUG meeting, you too can experience the awesomeness, brought to your screen over the inter-tubes.

This video features Matt Jezyk and Zach Kron from Autodesk speaking about using Revit and Vasari to implement ‘performance-based design’ techniques. Are you a pre-rational or post-rational modeler? Find out by watching:

Performance-Based Design with Revit from James Vandezande on Vimeo.

Note: I have been trying to convince the Seattle Revit Users Group to follow their lead and make videos public, rather than just members only. That is all I want in my stocking this year. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Via: What Revit Wants: Dont miss out on this! Matt Jezyk and Zach Kron on Performance-Based Design …

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