Revit, American style

It’s that time again. Yes football, not what we silly ‘mericans call soccer (and the rest of the known universe calls football).

Yes, I realize that not everyone across the globe is interested in our little Super Bowl coming up next weekend. On Sunday Feb 5th, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants face off in a rivalry that, while not as deep-rooted as the Red Sox/Yankees, should provide some real entertainment for those that watch for more than just the high-priced commercials. Why is all of this interesting? I present to you the Revit parametric football family.


Kelvin Tam, an architect in our Columbus office created a parametric family taking care of the variation in dimensions for NFL, NCAA and other organizations.  He used some very interesting tricks and techniques for building the complex forms of the laces, seams and logo. You can download the family for further deconstruction.

Grid Iron Gauntlet

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it? Anyone wish to tackle this complex form in the conceptual massing environment or Vasari? Feel free to DM me on Twitter and I will post the results here on gameday. Yes, if you use grasshopper/Rhino you may submit as well, I guess… wink, wink.

Download here:

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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