Sunday: Coffee without BIM

I’ve always struggled to read sheet music as effortlessly as some of my more musically-talented friends. It often seemed without life, just sitting there like ink someone carelessly spilled on the page. Sure, I “know” how to read the notes and symbols, but it never really comes to life until played – usually by someone better than I.

They say architecture is like frozen music. This has been attributed to Meis Van Der Rohe, or Friedrich von Schelling, and others… I never fully understood the relationship to be beyond metaphorical. I would say that more accurately, a photograph of architecture, without the experience of moving through and around it is in fact a 2-dimensional, flat and unmoving act. To truly appreciate a place, you must go there. To truly appreciate music, you must see AND hear it.

Now, only after seeing the below mathematical representation of an emotionally inspired piece of Chopin, does it really make sense. As elegant as a well-composed grasshopper or dynamo script, the visual representation of architectural and musical form seem long-lost siblings.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Chopin, Nocturne, opus 9 no. 2 from musanim on Vimeo.

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