So, for those of you who have attended Autodesk University in the last few years, the idea of technology trends coming together to form one perfect storm of innovation is not new. This concise talk (sans slides), by Brian P. Mathews who gave an excellent presentation at AU2012, is worth viewing.

To summarize these trends or shifts:

  1. Reality Capture
  2. The Cloud
  3. Infinite Computing
  4. Simulation
  5. Digital to Analog
  6. The Net Effect

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This is one of a few teasers in advance of the big webcast coming on March 26th. This is presumably the announcement of the new Autodesk 2014 product line, which has been almost as regular as the returning of the swallows to Capistrano. You can view the live webcast on March 26th either here: (click the Webcast menu) or here:

One comment on “Six Technology Trends: by Autodesk

  • Thanks for posting this video. Brian is very smart, and I believe accurate about this list but I’d like to see more examples. Where, for example, will ‘reality capture’ be huge? What are the killer apps for scanning the world in 3D? Mapping? Architecture? Art? Consumer? Medical? We’ve seen lots of tech headline news stories on all of these vectors but what will be the drivers behind massive reality capture? Where will the demand come from and who will provide these capabilities – services or products?

    I am not talking about the little stuff many people, including myself, do today. I am asking about big growth and demand. In 10 or 15 years, what will reality capture enable? Virtual museums and touring, with highly immersive telepresence? Awesome visual effects in movies? Or will we just have a bunch more digital junk to 3D print with no Google-World kinda use? Hell, I’ll settle for a Getty Images of 3D stuff if they’ll pay me to do it!

    Just looking for a little hint from Brian, or others, as to where reality capture is going. I do this stuff everyday and have for nearly 20 years. I have my ideas, I’d like to hear others.

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