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Riffing on a great post by Mark Cronin over on the better Revit blog, this is my new and refreshed look at FormIt. Appropriate now that a new version is available – and I’m starting to use this more and more as a primary design concept tool. More below the fold.

Tired of Pushing and pulling all day long? Why use a mouse, stylus or other implement to capture your design ideas in some program called Sket… what’s that? Intuitive, you say? Autodesk Formit has been around for a relatively short life, and has seen major improvements come in leaps and bounds. It was a relatively closed ecosystem at first (last November). Then, with the addition of Automatic Cloud conversion to a Revit project file format things became interesting.

Today we can design on an iPad using our own naked digits, nothing between you and your screen. Since it’s inception you have been able to get real-time feedback on sun and shadows, program area and FAR on a very powerful tablet device something many thousands of people once called not a computer.

Today, there’s a press release with a few words from yours truly from Autodesk on the In The Fold, describing the Autodesk conceptual design story to be presented at the AIA National Convention later this week. The workflow to achieve the transition from Design to Documentation is very simple now. Design in FormIt, Analyze/Refine the design and Document in Revit. The image below, from a fellow NBBJer shows how the geometry imported into Revit can be easily exploded to native Revit forms, and system families such as roof, floors, walls and curtain systems can be added. Revit 2014 was used to take advantage of the new ‘Displaced View’ feature to better visualize the resulting design systems.

FormIt to Revit 2014

There’s now a new version of Autodesk FormIt, 4.0 with three very exciting additions:

And you can also now save materials in a library, and export images of your creations directly to your photo library.

More information on the official app website, here:

Still unconvinced?

Heck, David Light showed us back in March that you can do this… while commuting on the train. What are you waiting for?


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