Recently, Autodesk announced a joint partnership with Makerbot, Carl Bass has even been making the rounds across several media outlets, here’s his own words on the current limits and opportunities of this highly disruptive technology. And, as you see above, if you sign up for the Premium membership on 123D Design you’ll now get discounts on your own co-branded 3D Printer.

As Autodesk continues to develop ‘Prosumer‘ apps for designers that take advantage of new technologies on tablets and modern web browsers. A few are cross platform, and web-based. This has the net effect of making them platform neutral and very accessible no matter what device you are using. When you install the latest version of 123D Design on your PC or Mac, you may be now presented with a prompt like this:

123D Design print driver message

Which then takes you here:
From the site:

The Autodesk 3D Print Utility will help you heal, optimize, and set up your model to be printed on your own 3D printer.

It is currently compatible with all MakerBot Replicators, the Objet Connex 500 and Alaris 30, or you can save your optimized file.

FormIt + MakerBot

This week, at the AIA National Convention, Autodesk will be demonstrating how something designed on the iPad in FormIt printed using a Makerbot.

Design: It’s about to get real.

2 comments on “Autodesk wants to be the defacto 3D printing standard

  • Yeah, it seems like 3D printing, which has been around for quite a while, is going to be taken mainstream with this extra attention from such industry giants like Autodesk. It will be interesting where exactly it is all going… New DIY revolution.
    The only thing is these MakerBot printers are one of the worst ones out there! Cheap but terrible – we have one of those in the office.

  • It’s interesting times. Which model do you have? The Replicator 2 is much higher quality than early models – and more than twice as costly as the first gen. Unfortunately, if you want something that is high enough quality to present to a client, the price is still a bit steep. The consumer models that staples just announced are not cheap either, and the sub $500 model we all thought would be here today, is still a ways off.

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