I promise to write something original on this conference. It was held in Vancouver, and for the early morning and late evenings – the weather was stunning. I had some great walks around the waterfront, downtown and Stanley Park. Besides the setting, the quality and insights gained from the conference had a profound effect on me personally, and will positively impact my work presently and into the future. Needless to say, I felt this was the best technology conference I have ever attended (and I’ve been to 7 Autodesk Universities).

How does one capture this event? Video, Twitter, Photos and a written recount of the numerous fantastic conversations and presentations that occurred in and outside the classroom.

For those of you without a Twitter account…. there was some great discussions, and capturing of snippets, images from the sessions, and beyond. There was even a moment where “The Three Reviteers” had an impromptu jam session on the lobby piano (apologies for the vertical orientation from an amateurish videographer who will remain nameless). Please enjoy the below Twitter feed widget.

Note: I am not responsible for the feelings of remorse for not being there, the intense Revit learning, or any other information contained therein. For a proper recall of the events that are more than 140 characters each, see what has been posted thus far by:

  • Jeff ( aka the Revit Kid) Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 recap
  • Erik at Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad BIM?
  • Ralph Grabowski at WorldCAD Access
    • Design Technology Summit morning and afternoon summaries
    • RTC Live Blogging… begin here (there’s several more articles)

Did I miss some good ones? Most likely. Please share in the comments. Enjoy reading the Twitter feed in reverse chronological order, or scroll to the bottom of the post and click More.

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