9-20-2013 9-38-40 AM I decided to get into the Dynamo Package Manager, recently added in v0.6, released just last week. I uploaded my first custom node! It’s probably the simplest custom node ever, however it makes short work of making many things possible. I was inspired by the idea of creating a sunflower pattern on a dome, which is currently a work in progress…

Note: The image is of the latest  daily development builds, found here. There’s a subtle yet useful addition to the zoom in/out icons.

9-20-2013 1-40-50 PMCalled out in this enlarged image: you’ll see a new rectangular icon. It will allow you to toggle between zoom fit and zoom 100%. If you have one or more nodes selected, it will fit them in the canvas window. Happy scripting.

Want to be inspired to create something with math? Watch below (the video that inspired the title of this post), or hop on over and watch the whole Vihart Doodling in Math Class series on YouTube. You will be inspired. Nature by Numbers.

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