For those of you who may be following this site and are not yet on or connected to me on Twitter or LinkedIn, I have an announcement: I have started a new project to design, build and live in a shipping container home on wheels. (gasp) Please, I encourage you to visit and subscribe to The UnBoxed House, where I will share the journey. The new site will be about design, precedent studies and the process of building my new, tiny home.

Unboxing, as I call this process, is about evoking the joy of opening something new, discovering personal freedom and shedding unneeded ‘stuff’. Little Boxes, an early Malvina Reynolds song as covered by the late, great Pete Seeger says it all. I desire to live a life that’s mine, not one that our culture says is the ‘right’ life. The right life is different for everyone, and we should all have the ability to express our individuality and choice. I respect those who choose a life that is different. There, that’s the last you’ll ever here anything remotely political on this blog. On Twitter, I will use the hashtag #UnBoxed to identify things not related to Revit, and specifically focused on my new project.

This site – Paradigm shift will continue to focus on BIM and Digital Design tools. Occasionally, I may cross-post items like how I built the model above, and describing some of the techniques for making better presentation drawings in Revit and exporting model parts to fabrication. There will be opportunities to dive deeper into the ‘Maker’ movement, with CNC for certain, and 3D printing for prototyping. I see some Dynamo scripting coming into play, perhaps as Matt Jezyk suggested “an acetylene torch in Dynamo” to help slice up the model.

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