I’m amazed that some folks still visit older posts of mine, such as this one on Exploded 3D Drawings from 2009! I’ve decided to end my account on Screencast.com due to the incredible amount of spam and no way to filter for ‘humans’. So, as much as I like using Camtasia and Jing to capture video, those videos are thus, gone. Poof. They need to be updated for new capabilities in Revit anyway. The articles will still exist, however a handful of my older videos will be broken links – until I can connect to the YouTube versions on my channel.

I would like to start making more videos soon, if I can ever get time away from building my Tiny House. If I do, I will begin using the new Autodesk Screencast tool instead of hosting on Screencast.com. Wow, those names are awfully similar for a similar product. Did someone do their legal homework, or are we in for another name change since this amazing new service was released? Hope not. Anyway, Autodesk has made this tool available for free, and you can upload to the community site

You can check out all kinds of screencasts here, sorted by the (at the time of this writing) nine Autodesk applications that are supported.

You can also see some of my latest work as well on Autodesk University Online – where both presentations on Dynamo and FormIt in which I co-presented are now available for your viewing pleasure. A free Autodesk sign-in is required to view AU classes. Enjoy!

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