welcome-to-the-futureToday marks an important milestone, Dynamo is now at version 0.9, making it one step closer to mass adoption.

Why do I say that? First: The website has undergone a major overhaul. The team has spend a great deal of time modernizing the experience, taking it beyond the typical WordPress theme (something I have to do myself). Second: The fit and finish of the program has finally become stable and the UI for is friendly to both the novice and seasoned beta user. Third: There’s a greater focus on collaboration in this release, with the ability to put shared resources on a network drive within your organization, in addition to the Package manager repository online.

The new features increase interoperability, by enabling the creation of DirectShape elements to place in Revit. Background preview works in Virtual Machines and Remote Desktop – so you can totally be ditching the bulky laptop and using the new iPad Pro while travelling and need to whip up come computational goodness. Also, you can find stuff now. The search is really robust, both in the side menu and with the right click search.apple_pencil_medium

This has been the year of Dynamo, and it will culminate with what I and certain is a 1.0 release announced very soon. Autodesk University 2015 is less than four weeks away and it seems we are gearing up for some greatness. Heck, even in the SketchUp world it was announced this week (from none other than the Computational Design powerhouse of Thornton Tomasetti) that there’s the ability to connect with Grasshopper and Dynamo now.

Colin McCrone recently wrote that the Dynamo Primer is “complete”, or Open Source now, meaning you should use it to learn and contribute back. We get more and more community sharing. I would not be surprised if there were some more video tutorials in the works from some of the industry heavyweights. Stay tuned for more, as I hear it.


*Note: I really wanted to share a workflow I was working on to convert DWG lines to Rooms in Revit, and mentioned this a while ago. I’m still working on refining that process to make it more generic for you all. The client maintains ownership of the original code, however I got my very first ever mention in ArchDaily as a result of this work.

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