I get it, we havent’ talked in a while. We’ve both been busy. So, I just thought I’d ask: how’s it going, Autodesk?

Recently, I wrote a review of Revit 2017 for Architect. There’s never really enough room to say everything. Hopefully my top five list as something you’ll be able to sink your teeth into. I also wanted to point out a couple other developments in the BIM, Computation and Performance spaces. Other great coverage has been made by the following:

Steve Stafford: http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2016/04/revit-2017-new-features-and-enhancements.html

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Jeffrey “The Revit Kid” Pinheiro: http://therevitkid.blogspot.com/2016/04/revit-2017-my-3-favorite-new-features.html

Dynamo is now a version 1.0 application. No more will we have to refer to it as beta, nitpick with IT on it being a supported product when Grasshopper has been supported at beta stage for the last five years or more. Go, download it and bask in the computational goodness that happens when you pair visual programming with a true BIM platform, like Revit.

You can grab the latest Dynamo as usual from DynamoBim.org, or if you have a previous version already installed with Revit (version 2017 has it as part of the default install), go launch it from the Manage ribbon and a green update icon will appear on the Welcome screen. You must close Revit to install the update and will be prompted as such. Don’t worry about upgrading you graphs as you are provided the option of choosing your previous Dynamo version at launch. The new splash screen will help those new to Dynamo get started, rather than it highlighting a what’s new.

What is new with Dynamo 1.0 is rather interesting: I recommend checking out this post by Zach Kron, however a standout is the new Direct Shape creation results in Revit 2017. It’s going to make for some rather interesting and new workflows. Perhaps we will see a consolidation of toolsets for those who are able to master this kit of parts.

Lastly, I would encourage all those involved in design to take a look at this survey for Autodesk Insight 360, the performance analysis tools and dashboard for Revit and FormIt (https://insight360.autodesk.com). After completing it, you may be eligible to win one of ten available $50 gift cards. For those who are passionate about spreading the word and encouraging more in your organizations to use analysis tools for creating better performing buildings, here’s a quick tip to get Insight 360 plugins installed with Revit silently (something I was a bit perplexed as to why it wasn’t just automatically included, in my Revit 2017 review).

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