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Autodesk University – Day Zero

The first day for some of us at Autodesk University is over… I attended the Design Computation Symposium, and will have more to share shortly. Briefly: The theme of the day was defining what digital craftsmanship is, and could be with a look at combining the mind, hand and machine in new ways. Excellent presentations, and with the opening talk with Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, really set the stage for defining what craft and workmanship is. Dr. Robert Aish moderated and kept the discussions lively.

In actuality, the conference begins Tuesday morning, bright and early. Now, if you haven’t arrived yet, take a look at the My Sessions page at, and download all your handouts ahead of time. Mine will be handy on my iPad, so no trees will have been killed on my way to the classes. For those authors who have no handouts yet, and you know who you are… time is running out.

General rule: Long, and in-depth handouts are good for background and future reference. Short, effective slide decks show that the speaker will either have lots of good material to deliver verbally, or some amazing live examples showing us their software mastery – that’s why we arrive in person.

Follow me on Twitter, @seandburke, or search for #AU2010 and participate in the event from afar. I still have AU Virtual Full passes available which will get you into a bunch of live/video feed instructor led classes – so DM me on Twitter if you want them. I am sure they will go fast. By 7am, I will start responding to requests. Good night, and good luck.

Learn something new everyday.

CADLearning Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorials Published

Why so quiet? What’s going on with the blog? I’ve heard lot’s of this in the more than six months since I last posted. It’s nice to know faithful readers care. Besides being very busy at NBBJ, I’ve been a part of a team working on a project that was in the works since December of 2009.

With great fanfare…I’m pleased to announce that the big project is finally published. Over 700 pages of scripted material were written, then recorded to produce these tutorial lessons. But you don’t have to read them. Narrated by yours truly, I hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Revit Architecture 2011

CADLearning Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorials

  • Over 29 hours of training
  • 421 video tutorials
  • Exercise files included

    Go check them out here, or login in with a free membership to view samples:

    These projects are truly collaborative efforts. Many thanks to Dan Dolan, David Cohn, David Harrington, Matt Murphy, David Redding, Michael Bass, Temesgen, and the entire production team at 4D Technologies. A special shout out to Phil Read for putting me back in touch the team after having worked with them on ADT videos way back in the day – was it really 2004?

    Most importantly, thanks to Betsy, my sweet and understanding wife, for putting up with those long nights and weekends and me forgetting to take out the garbage.

    And now… some final work to polish up the more advanced content, and back to my day job (and more blogging). Autodesk University is around the corner, don’t you know.

    Read the press release here: CADLearning Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorials Published

    Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs – and it’s not even my birthday

    I don’t usually receive presents for Halloween, but this year, under the twirling vines of the pumpkin patch we find little gifts from Autodesk. They arrived with much fan fare in the form of Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs.

    Much has been discussed regarding Autodesk Blogger Day. Here are some examples of early information regarding the Revit loot:

    The Revit tools have lots to be excited about. I really am looking forward to trying out the framing tools, and using Image Modeler to capture context of a site. I will later add a review of some of these features, once I have had the time.

    A new ribbon tab is available in the Renovation Extension for AutoCAD Architecture 2010

    A new ribbon tab is available in the Renovation Extension for AutoCAD Architecture 2010 - (click to zoom)

    AutoCAD Architecture users don’t fret… although the bloggers have been busy discussing what new toys Revit users on current subscription may download today, ACA has some pretty neat tools as well. If you’ve ever tried to document a renovation project using “AutoCAD for architects” you have probably been frustrated dealing with Layer Key Overrides. It is easy forgetting to disable them and accidentally placing objects on layers they were not intended. To the rescue: Renovation Extension 2010.

    Much like phasing in Revit, this tool helps automate the ability to demolish (sans a sledge hammer tool), and add walls representing new construction easily. Once you enable the settings, it’s as simple as deleting a wall, door or window to enable a copy of that object to change “phase” to demolition. Drawing a new wall, automatically treats it as new construction and more importantly, moving a wall will demo the old wall and a portion of the connecting walls, and create infill accordingly. By having control over phase and the ability to lock down existing conditions preventing accidental edits is fascinating. It just may change your established workflow. This may all seem like magic, and I believe it might be.

    Hmmm… Revit phasing isn’t quite as simple as this. Score one for the dedicated AutoCAD Architecture fans and users. The links to both sets of mid-year updates in the form of slick marketing videos follows:

    Subscription Advantage Pack – Revit Architecture 2010

    Subscription Advantage Pack – AutoCAD Architecture 2010

    Autodesk Download Manager

    Believe it or not, this new Autodesk download manager tool not only seems to be speedy, but works in Safari, on a Mac no less. Wow, was that a pleasant surprise. Now that many of the new products are available for a free trial download, simply itchy waiting for my physical DVDs to arrive, and being the major geek that I am I thought – let’s give it a whirl. Low and behold, it worked.

    OK, so the image points to the soon to be announced evidence that I am not solely dedicated to Revit. There are many customers out there, who still use and love AutoCAD Architecture. There’s a project in the works, which I’ll discuss when the time is right which involves ACA 2010, and training. Now, where was that line command again? Just kidding.

    Download Manager

    Exhibit A.

    Earlier in the week, I also successfully logged into my Autodesk Subscription account through Safari, and there was no hint of the typical warnings of browser compatibility. Now, we just need to work on that pesky legacy Buzzsaw accessibility.

    Kudos to the marketing and web teams at Autodesk for increasing support for browsers other than IE. Job well done.

    A whole lot of stairs

    One of the many sights that must be soaked in have you the opportunity, is the Badlands National Park of South Dakota. During the recent 8 day cross-country trip, we all stopped to take a slight detour through this amazing landscape. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most pleasant day so the brilliant colors typically shown off by the sun are not evident in these photos. It was grand nonetheless. There’s a boardwalk that is partly ADA accessible, except in a few spots. Now that’s a lot of stairs.

    Badlands Stairs to nowhere…

    Speaking of stairs, there’s a feature improvement that may have been  missed by many AutoCAD Architecture (ADT) users, beginning in the 2007 version. Stairs can now wrap over themselves in a single object. Yes, even spiral stairs can be more than 360 degrees around. So go ahead and experiment. Just don’t try to add railings in anything but a plan view, as the location is slightly unpredictable in a 3D view. See… it can be done. -> Wrapping Stairs

    The Arrival

    So, I didn’t have much time or energy to make posts during my cross-country journey… But that won’t stop me from providing some highlights in future posts. We arrived at our new home on St. Patrick’s Day – Saturday, March 17th. It’s a bit funny, considering that one week earlier we stayed our second night in the city of South Bend, Indiana – home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

    Fighting Irish logo

    It’ll probably be a long while before getting settled in, especially with all these new products about to be released. 😉

    Speaking of which… also arriving this week, was an updated look and feel to the Autodesk website (I must say again that I approve of the new color scheme) as well as some placeholders for the new 2008 versions of AutoCAD® Architecture, and Revit® Architecture, with a footnote clearly describing the name changes and Autodesk’s commitment to and realignment of industry-focused products.

    Creating multi-line room tags

    I ran across a post that I missed a while back and thought it worth sharing in case I am not alone. If you’ve been struggling with how to make room tags in ADT more flexible, this is a very well done solution on BIMology. Well done Tomislav. It builds on a method that I have employed using formulas, but takes it a bit further. Enjoy. :)