The first day for some of us at Autodesk University is over… I attended the Design Computation Symposium, and will have more to share shortly. Briefly: The theme of the day was defining what digital craftsmanship is, and could be with a look at combining the mind, hand and machine in new ways. Excellent presentations,… Read More

Why so quiet? What’s going on with the blog? I’ve heard lot’s of this in the more than six months since I last posted. It’s nice to know faithful readers care. Besides being very busy at NBBJ, I’ve been a part of a team working on a project that was in the works since December… Read More

I don’t usually receive presents for Halloween, but this year, under the twirling vines of the pumpkin patch we find little gifts from Autodesk. They arrived with much fan fare in the form of Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs. Much has been discussed regarding Autodesk Blogger Day. Here are some examples of early information regarding the… Read More

Believe it or not, this new Autodesk download manager tool not only seems to be speedy, but works in Safari, on a Mac no less. Wow, was that a pleasant surprise. Now that many of the new products are available for a free trial download, simply itchy waiting for my physical DVDs to arrive, and… Read More

One of the many sights that must be soaked in have you the opportunity, is the Badlands National Park of South Dakota. During the recent 8 day cross-country trip, we all stopped to take a slight detour through this amazing landscape. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most pleasant day so the brilliant colors typically shown off by the sun… Read More

So, I didn’t have much time or energy to make posts during my cross-country journey… But that won’t stop me from providing some highlights in future posts. We arrived at our new home on St. Patrick’s Day – Saturday, March 17th. It’s a bit funny, considering that one week earlier we stayed our second night… Read More

I ran across a post that I missed a while back and thought it worth sharing in case I am not alone. If you’ve been struggling with how to make room tags in ADT more flexible, this is a very well done solution on BIMology. Well done Tomislav. It builds on a method that I… Read More

A force for change, and developement of the tools you use everyday. Join a Customer Council. If you want your voice heard, join one of the customer councils for your product. You can participate in focus groups and surveys and help shape the future of your favorite tool. The brand new Revit Customer Council has… Read More

The tutorial product I co-authored has been reviewed in the latest issue of CADalyst. The review: A sample lesson can be viewed online at… Read More

No, not with curtains. That’s another profession. We’re talking trim. For years people have asked for ways to create simple trim boards around windows and doors in ADT. It hasn’t been easy. It, in fact, still isn’t as simple as running ‘trim’ command. However, a pair of articles on ARCHIdigm spells out the process very… Read More