Have a Happy Holidays and a fun and safe New Year. Looking forward to great things in 2014. Here’s my 30 minute exploration at virtual ornament hanging. Using a little formula magic, based on the pattern of a pine cone, we have an efficient packing of ornaments, leaving little room for much else. Because this… Read More


I decided to get into the Dynamo Package Manager, recently added in v0.6, released just last week. I uploaded my first custom node! It’s probably the simplest custom node ever, however it makes short work of making many things possible. I was inspired by the idea of creating a sunflower pattern on a dome, which… Read More

I may need to start using Siri to dictate my blog posts if I plan to keep up this intensity of writing. Need to save my poor tired digits for more important things, like Form making. First, Dynamo: This new version 0.5.0 supports both Revit 2013 and 2014 as well as Vasari Beta 2 or… Read More

Riffing on a great post by Mark Cronin over on the better Revit blog, this is my new and refreshed look at FormIt. Appropriate now that a new version is available – and I’m starting to use this more and more as a primary design concept tool. More below the fold.… Read More

What is impossible? Go ahead and name something. Now prove it. Ah, It is much easier to prove something is possible. I am simply tired of the haters out there saying Revit can’t do “X”, or Revit isn’t a design tool, etc… Just because you can’t, don’t prove nothin’. (Double negatives are tasty when the… Read More

The NYC Revit Users Group is just an outstanding resource… James does a superb job of lining up great speakers, and December was no exception. Hot off the heals of Autodesk University, and building on what may have been one of the best classes in recent memory, you will not want to miss this. Even… Read More

Reporting Families for Revit/Vasari… Echoing the echo from Steve. Way cool. I think this needs to go into the Revit hall of fame. If there isn’t one yet, buildz will be the main attraction. The future will be panelized. Go Zach, go! Revit OpEd: No Way! Way! Live Slices. Thinking about this a bit more,… Read More