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Happy Holidays from Paradigm Shift!

12-23-2013 4-02-48 PM


Have a Happy Holidays and a fun and safe New Year. Looking forward to great things in 2014. Here’s my 30 minute exploration at virtual ornament hanging. Using a little formula magic, based on the pattern of a pine cone, we have an efficient packing of ornaments, leaving little room for much else. Because this is the best part of the tree, next to lights. Since no one in the office can agree which is best: white or colored lights, we’ll just use our imagination for the finished trimmings.

How I made this:

12-23-2013 4-52-33 PM

Go and get the latest version of Dynamo, download Vasari Beta 3.

Download my Dynamo definition and Revit model from a zipped file here: XmasTree.

Open the XmasTree.rvt. On the Add-Ins ribbon, launch Dynamo. If the custom nodes for colors are RED, double-click to download the “Standard Colours” package by the brilliant andydandy (Andreas Dieckmann of CAAD RWTH Aachen University). Although not necessary, it’s very useful to have this collection. I’m far too lazy to look up how to make colors with RGB values every time I need them.

And there you have it: A Revit Christmas Tree. Technically, there’s no tree at all, it’s just a collections of ball ornaments. The size of the ornaments changes as it moves up the tree, and the colors are random in the range of green to red.

Go ahead, experiment. Send me your mash-ups. Cheers!


Nature by Numbers

9-20-2013 9-38-40 AM I decided to get into the Dynamo Package Manager, recently added in v0.6, released just last week. I uploaded my first custom node! It’s probably the simplest custom node ever, however it makes short work of making many things possible. I was inspired by the idea of creating a sunflower pattern on a dome, which is currently a work in progress…

Note: The image is of the latest  daily development builds, found here. There’s a subtle yet useful addition to the zoom in/out icons.

9-20-2013 1-40-50 PMCalled out in this enlarged image: you’ll see a new rectangular icon. It will allow you to toggle between zoom fit and zoom 100%. If you have one or more nodes selected, it will fit them in the canvas window. Happy scripting.

Want to be inspired to create something with math? Watch below (the video that inspired the title of this post), or hop on over and watch the whole Vihart Doodling in Math Class series on YouTube. You will be inspired. Nature by Numbers.

Vasari and Dynamo updates

I may need to start using Siri to dictate my blog posts if I plan to keep up this intensity of writing. Need to save my poor tired digits for more important things, like Form making.

First, Dynamo: This new version 0.5.0 supports both Revit 2013 and 2014 as well as Vasari Beta 2 or 3.

6-19-2013 4-36-46 PM

Above: Dynamic Relaxation sample file in Dynamo

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Autodesk FormIt, re-revisited

FormIt Development

Riffing on a great post by Mark Cronin over on the better Revit blog, this is my new and refreshed look at FormIt. Appropriate now that a new version is available – and I’m starting to use this more and more as a primary design concept tool. More below the fold.

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Because, he can!

What is impossible? Go ahead and name something. Now prove it. Ah, It is much easier to prove something is possible. I am simply tired of the haters out there saying Revit can’t do “X”, or Revit isn’t a design tool, etc… Just because you can’t, don’t prove nothin’. (Double negatives are tasty when the teacher’s not listening). Heck, even I can’t create this crazy form called a Möbius Band (sometimes called a Möbius Strip), but he can. I am only showing the construction points as teaser.


Revit awaits you on a journey of limitless possibilities through mathematical formulas. With the notebook beginning to unfold, even us mere mortals can start building complex geometry with code. I owe Nathan another beer!

Source: Revit API: Parametric Forms – THE PROVING GROUND

Performance-Based Design… Matt and Zach

The NYC Revit Users Group is just an outstanding resource… James does a superb job of lining up great speakers, and December was no exception. Hot off the heals of Autodesk University, and building on what may have been one of the best classes in recent memory, you will not want to miss this. Even though you may not have been at the NYC RUG meeting, you too can experience the awesomeness, brought to your screen over the inter-tubes.

This video features Matt Jezyk and Zach Kron from Autodesk speaking about using Revit and Vasari to implement ‘performance-based design’ techniques. Are you a pre-rational or post-rational modeler? Find out by watching:

Performance-Based Design with Revit from James Vandezande on Vimeo.

Note: I have been trying to convince the Seattle Revit Users Group to follow their lead and make videos public, rather than just members only. That is all I want in my stocking this year. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Via: What Revit Wants: Dont miss out on this! Matt Jezyk and Zach Kron on Performance-Based Design …