Everybody likes Bob. Trust me. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he’s a bit of a celebrity in the blogosphere, and an all around gentleman (so I’m told), Bob Borson. Bob is an architect who focusses on residential projects and runs the popular blog: Life of an Architect. When he’s not sketching, these… Read More

I may need to start using Siri to dictate my blog posts if I plan to keep up this intensity of writing. Need to save my poor tired digits for more important things, like Form making. First, Dynamo: This new version 0.5.0 supports both Revit 2013 and 2014 as well as Vasari Beta 2 or… Read More

Recently, Autodesk announced a joint partnership with Makerbot, Carl Bass has even been making the rounds across several media outlets, here’s his own words on the current limits and opportunities of this highly disruptive technology. And, as you see above, if you sign up for the Premium membership on 123D Design you’ll now get discounts on your… Read More

Sunday: Coffee without BIM I’ve always struggled to read sheet music as effortlessly as some of my more musically-talented friends. It often seemed without life, just sitting there like ink someone carelessly spilled on the page. Sure, I “know” how to read the notes and symbols, but it never really comes to life until played… Read More

Been looking for some way to learn more about conceptual modeling in Revit / Vasari? You can join the Vasari development team for some live sessions on specific topics. Join Vasari Talk every Wednesday, bring your own coffee. The announcement is here. Back already? Good. I must admit after reading that announcement, I’m feeling a little verklempt. Talk… Read More


Looking for architectural design problems that need solutions, or solutions to common problems. Look no further than: Already a whiz in Revit, 3dsMax, or Rhino/Grasshopper? Respond to a challenge, so others may benefit. Still learning how to solve a geometry problem or build a parametric component? Whether you need a component family, Revit project, GH definition,… Read More


Note, previous versions of this video were without slides, and this version has been improved to show the visuals accompanying Steve’s very engaging and inspiring talk. I hope you all enjoy it! At the 2010 Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design, Steve McConnell, Managing Partner of NBBJ spoke about new technologies that are… Read More


Sometimes it takes going very fast to be able to slow down and appreciate what is happening around you. About two years ago, rolling back and forth along one of my many weekly train rides down to Seattle prior to moving here, it suddenly dawned on me all at once: What is it about BIM… Read More

Autodesk University covered a lot of trends. We begin to see early glimpses of a seismic shift in the way we design, build and work with digital tools. In some cases, we can live experiment in the sandbox that is Autodesk Labs. It’s all free for now, so grab the future by the horns and… Read More