Why are you there, silly Skeuomorph? Have you ever noticed something expressed in modern technology that doesn’t seem right, as if it might be a relic of the past, and yet the meaning is completely lost? What will page turning in an app mean when paper books are more rare than disposable tablets? Another less… Read More

Support for the Mac running Revit 2010 in Boot Camp is now officially recognized by Autodesk. Never thought this day would actually arrive. A cool breeze must be running through the halls at AEC HQ today. Despite what the Apple ads say, it really is a PC, it just happens to be an Apple PC.… Read More

Believe it or not, this new Autodesk download manager tool not only seems to be speedy, but works in Safari, on a Mac no less. Wow, was that a pleasant surprise. Now that many of the new products are available for a free trial download, simply itchy waiting for my physical DVDs to arrive, and… Read More

I, like some others out there have decided to join the Apple Mac community. I’m testing out my new MacBook Pro with VmWare Fusion running Windows XP Pro and Revit 2009. The key to running any OS in virtualization is to dedicate the right amount of RAM. Based on many recommendations, I’ve decided that the… Read More