Autodesk announced Revit Sunrise this morning. This is a preview release of Revit showing some of the features in development for Architecture, Structure and MEP. Like Revit Sundial last year, this is provided as a way for Autodesk to validate the next release and generate some advanced buzz. Note: Not all of these features are… Read More

Over the weekend, I was very surprised to see the Autodesk Application Manager pop up. Yes, Revit 2015 was found to have a vulnerability to Heartbleed. — Who names these things anyway? I want that job. — Given the internet connectedness of things and how we use our design software tools these days, this was bound to happen.… Read More

Windows 8.1 is finally supported. While I still haven’t been able to install Revit 2014, or Vasari Beta 3, Revit 2015 is officially supported on Windows 8.1. With previous versions, you get the following error (I’m currently testing Windows 8.1 Enterprise in a Parallels Virtual Machine).  So, good news if you plan to upgrade your… Read More

Many of my colleagues have recently expressed concern regarding the future of Revit. It’s not a terribly difficult observation to make; from the end-user perspective, Revit (the client application) has shown a reduced pace in the development of new features. Yes, there’s seemingly been for a number of years the long list of requests for better… Read More

So, let’s just get right to business. What you came here for, the Revit 2015 new and enhanced features summary. I have no images to share, yet. This list is not exhaustive. For more information, until Autodesk rolls out it’s own announcement, visit: CADLine New Features: Sketchy Lines can be applied to any 2D or… Read More

alas, poor Yorick.

That is the question. History Lesson One of the most troubling support issues is when a designer working in Revit exclaims that things moved, deleted or were altered “on their own”. It takes a delicate approach to resolve this issue, as it is often a question of process or an incomplete understanding of the tool.… Read More

Leave it to David Light to have the scoop earlier than most of us. Like in years past, hop on over to his blog for everything Revit upgrades and how this can help your BIM productivity. The webcast ( starts in only 35 minutes. Revit: What’s new in Revit 2014?.… Read More

It’s that time of year again… The birds are singing, the snow (if you had any this year) is melting, and Autodesk is taking the wraps off new updates to your favorite design applications. Along with those rollouts, are new origami inspired logos for both the company and it’s major products. And, look: There’s a few features… Read More

While it’s great that we can now create new view types in Revit 2013, I’ve found an interesting behavior… if you rename the default view type “Floor Plan” it displays the new name in parenthesis. However, the default type name, when not displayed in the project browser will still affect sorting and grouping. This is… Read More

Like the popcorn and beer concessions guy in a ballpark, I loudly announce the availability of your favorite Autodesk products for the (FY) 2012 season. It will come to you quickly when you use the download manager option. Pass your money down the aisle, please. Can’t yet see them in your geography or subscription center?… Read More