Sunday: Coffee without BIM I’ve always struggled to read sheet music as effortlessly as some of my more musically-talented friends. It often seemed without life, just sitting there like ink someone carelessly spilled on the page. Sure, I “know” how to read the notes and symbols, but it never really comes to life until played… Read More

As we are all awaiting with baited breath… the parametric pumpkin doesn’t have to be limited to the virtual. Here’s a working Tetris on Pumpkin, courtesy of a boat-load of LED lights, a steady hand and an Arduino board. Pumpktris – YouTube For more information, and detailed photos from it’s creator:… Read More

Why are you there, silly Skeuomorph? Have you ever noticed something expressed in modern technology that doesn’t seem right, as if it might be a relic of the past, and yet the meaning is completely lost? What will page turning in an app mean when paper books are more rare than disposable tablets? Another less… Read More

When it all comes down to it, the human spirit deeply needs and enjoys the ooh and ahh moments. Summer finally came to the Pacfic Northwest this week. Better late than never.… Read More

For those of you lucky enough to own an iPad, or may soon own one after the holidays, you really should check out This transforms the iPad into a very functional laptop replacement (for some activities), without needing to lug around a separate Bluetooth keyboard or bulky case. I met with founder Steve Isaac… Read More

It nearly escaped my notice today, but this officially marks the passing of five years blogging here. Thanks for being there. I look forward to the next five. I never thought I would be interesting enough, nor have enough to say when I first started in 2006. I also didn’t expect that the face of… Read More

Let the games begin. Today marks the torch lighting and opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Now, although it is technically winter, this part of the country has seen so little snow.  You have to wonder why the climate change deniers still continue to talk conspiracy theories, when all I have… Read More

Found on the Revit Kid blog… Nearly forgot about this project, it’s been so long in the making. I must say: even us old timers, who vaguely remember the studio experience, will get some enjoyment from this film. I cannot wait for it to begin making the art house rounds. Here’s a teaser. Archiculture Teaser… Read More

Just so you all don’t think I am all Apple, all the time; I must admit I do have a sweet tooth for Office. It’s perhaps the best thing coming out of the offices in Redmond, and it just keeps getting better. Sure, there are choices out there these days, other competitive, and free software, and some that isn’t… Read More

I recently purchased Spore Galactic Edition, and yes it’s really a time drain. I had not realized why I like this game until recently. You get to design things parametrically, for fun!? OK, this is silly, I know. But very addictive. The controls are interesting and so easy to learn to use. If you are… Read More