I get it, we havent’ talked in a while. We’ve both been busy. So, I just thought I’d ask: how’s it going, Autodesk? Recently, I wrote a review of Revit 2017 for Architect. There’s never really enough room to say everything. Hopefully my top five list as something you’ll be able to sink your teeth… Read More

December 1, 2015 – Autodesk Inc, as one of what will likely be several industry announcements at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this week, unveils in a press release the project formerly known as Project Alexandria Technology Preview, Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, “a comprehensive, cloud-based service for the construction industry that provides a virtual workspace… Read More

Moving is hard. Moving a website with an established community to a different platform is even harder. Remember when AUGI tried to change their forum software and it resulted in RFO, as well as a user-revolt that cancelled the migration and restored balance back to the universe? Have you experienced difficultly getting old wiki.help links… Read More

The PC is officially dead. There can be no further debate. Autodesk, Otoy, Mozilla and Amazon come together to work on something that will not only transform the design industry, it will level the playing field. It seems an unlikely alliance, however these companies are all at the top of their game, and each one… Read More

Recently, Autodesk announced a joint partnership with Makerbot, Carl Bass has even been making the rounds across several media outlets, here’s his own words on the current limits and opportunities of this highly disruptive technology. And, as you see above, if you sign up for the Premium membership on 123D Design you’ll now get discounts on your… Read More

As we are all awaiting with baited breath… the parametric pumpkin doesn’t have to be limited to the virtual. Here’s a working Tetris on Pumpkin, courtesy of a boat-load of LED lights, a steady hand and an Arduino board. Pumpktris – YouTube For more information, and detailed photos from it’s creator: http://www.hahabird.com/2012/10/pumpktris/… Read More

Revit, American style It’s that time again. Yes football, not what we silly ‘mericans call soccer (and the rest of the known universe calls football). Yes, I realize that not everyone across the globe is interested in our little Super Bowl coming up next weekend. On Sunday Feb 5th, the New England Patriots and the New… Read More

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Jack-O-Lanterns… Or for those stuck in the parts of the East Coast of the US suffering from that surprise Nor’Easter last weekend – Jack-O-Snowpeople. Left: Sculptor Alex Wer has done an amazing “Jobs” on this particular pumpkin… Check out Instructables (newly acquired by Autodesk) for other gord-eous treats. Looking for a new… Read More

What’s Next… in three easy steps: #1 © Alex White – Fotolia.com Step # 2 © Juan Fuertes – Fotolia.com Step #3 © Honggang Hu – Fotolia.com Any Questions?… Read More