In order to better take advantage of ADT, Building Systems or Civil 3D, we need a clear understanding of the basic tools for ‘drafting’. Even with ‘intelligent objects’, we can’t draw everything. Today, I’ll be in Boston at this month’s Greater Boston Autodesk User Group meeting presenting on using AutoCAD’s drawing aids for placing geometry… Read More

Want a convenient service to get caught up on all your favorite blogs? Google Reader is a great web-based feed tool where you can manage subscriptions, categorize posts and even star your favorites. Categories, or items starred, can be shared publicly and can even be added to your own blog – as I’ve done below… Read More

BIM, a primer Don’t feel left out if you have yet to become familiar with the term BIM. The acronym that every software company which produces CAD products likes to take credit for coming up with, Building Information Modeling, was actually coined by Jerry Lasserin, author of the Lasserin Letter, and very quickly became part… Read More