For quite a while now, I’ve been considering having some guest posts on the blog to help liven up the conversation and add some new perspectives. I was contacted by Elijah recently and after reading other examples of his work on The Iterative, I thought it would be great to give this aspiring student a… Read More

For those of you who have not yet read Harry Mattison’s Boost your BIM blog, and you want to find new and creative ways to be more productive using Revit through the API (application programming interface), get going! The blog started in December and has a lot of really juicy stuff, if your interested in… Read More

I must say, no one can drive a point home through a graph quite like Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA – the CEO of HOK. This one below will surely join his other greatest hit – the MacLeamy Curve, which although completely overused in every presentation today on BIM, was authored way back in the early days… Read More

My “BIM rant”, on adoption and setting expectations “Thoughts on a Train”, or “Mind the BIM Gap” was picked up by the blog All Roads Lead to BIM. I feel honored to be alongside such a cast of excellent authors whose work is collected on that site. Check them out on the information super highway, otherwise… Read More

Why so quiet? What’s going on with the blog? I’ve heard lot’s of this in the more than six months since I last posted. It’s nice to know faithful readers care. Besides being very busy at NBBJ, I’ve been a part of a team working on a project that was in the works since December… Read More

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.  – Zig Zigler Every once in a while we need some inspiration to take action. Plan, Prepare, Expect. A simple formula. Unfortunately, most people who begin using Revit expect success, while simultaneously skipping those… Read More

Some very amazing things have been shown and talked about at Autodesk University 2009 this week. If you have been hiding under a rock, then you may not know that the attendees, both in Vegas and virtually have invaded the Twitter-sphere or Tweet-Zone or whatever… Go to Twitter, sign up now and follow the conversations… Read More

BIM and cloud computing have traditionally not been very close friends. What is interesting, is that there are companies out there innovating. There are model servers, data exchange formats, cumbersome and expensive hardware solutions that don’t really address all the issues. Graphisoft has done what no other BIM software vendor has been able to do:… Read More

It always fascinates me the way folks who use Revit on projects are so willing to share their work, their process and their joy with the rest of the AEC community. This project, by _Space Architecture (, really shows how the whole project team benefits from using Revit as their BIM solution to the benefit… Read More