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eTransmit for Revit Technology Preview 1.1 – BIM Apps

The folks at Autodesk Labs just keep the good stuff coming… It’s a merry gift-giving Autodesk holiday season. See below for the details on the updates to eTransmit for Revit. It now works with Revit Server, and helps you perform some model cleanup prior to putting consultants’ RVT links live into your workflow.

eTransmit for Revit Technology Preview 1.1 – BIM Apps.

Washington School and Revit

It always fascinates me the way folks who use Revit on projects are so willing to share their work, their process and their joy with the rest of the AEC community. This project, by _Space Architecture (http://www.spacegroup.co.uk/), really shows how the whole project team benefits from using Revit as their BIM solution to the benefit of better architecture and a happier client. View the video, it’s really informative as there are interviews with the design and construction team members right down to the tradesfolk getting the work done and resolving collisions before they happen in the field.

Source: Revit Space -> Washington School and Revit.