Riffing on a great post by Mark Cronin over on the better Revit blog, this is my new and refreshed look at FormIt. Appropriate now that a new version is available – and I’m starting to use this more and more as a primary design concept tool. More below the fold.… Read More

David Light elegantly demystifies how to create 12 different primitive forms in the Revit Conceptual Massing tools. Uncomfortable with the massing tools? Not found them useful? Dont’ think they are powerful? Anxious about getting started? Let it all melt away… then get cracking, ’cause we have conceptual energy analysis coming up in the next post. It… Read More

Some very amazing things have been shown and talked about at Autodesk University 2009 this week. If you have been hiding under a rock, then you may not know that the attendees, both in Vegas and virtually have invaded the Twitter-sphere or Tweet-Zone or whatever… Go to Twitter, sign up now and follow the conversations… Read More

Small cities deserve well-designed civic buildings and museums. This is one, designed by the accomplished Seattle firm Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects (soon to be renamed Olson  Kundig Architects), whose body of work is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The building is so nick-named for the 180 foot long double glazed wall… Read More

OK, so it’s not really a house, but perhaps a really good house wine. Every once in a while you find a very intriguing use of technology in architecture schools. Lately, the amount of good work has been not scarce. In this example, however there is evidence of biomimicry, parametric scripting, simple rendering using ambient… Read More

I don’t usually receive presents for Halloween, but this year, under the twirling vines of the pumpkin patch we find little gifts from Autodesk. They arrived with much fan fare in the form of Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs. Much has been discussed regarding Autodesk Blogger Day. Here are some examples of early information regarding the… Read More

Development is fast and furious on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. As noted by Beau Turner, there’s already a new version of the Sketchbook Mobile application. Finger painters’ unite: Read on -> Will Render For Food…: Sketchbook Mobile – v1.1.… Read More

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile does look like a cheap thrill, and a way to document ideas quickly. The demo reel has me reaching for my virtual wallet. So, rather than commenting on something I don’t yet have (an iPod touch or iPhone), I turned to someone who does. Here’s the reaction of my good friend Rui… Read More

Recently, I attended a presentation by Brad Liljequist, the project manager for the zHome project. His talk, part of the Sustainable Connections series of conferences in Bellingham, WA, was a very interesting discovery showcasing the efforts of a complex and intriguing project, right in my own region. Located in the Issaquah Highlands, just East of… Read More