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No Help for You. Next!

Revit has some embedded videos in the help system. The first time you discover these, it feels like you’ve discovered an unopened gift. As the excitement builds, you click on the link to play the video lesson. If you are on a 64 bit version of Windows, you will be caught in an endless ritualistic loop of installing the Flash plugin, clicking a link and seeing a broken image tag. It is as if one must know a secret handshake to get the videos to play. Alas, it is not your fault. You have chosen a modern, shiny new system, presumably for the access to vast quantities of RAM. It must be assumed that such an advanced user needs no access to these ‘help’ videos. Well it isn’t, and this time there’s little Autodesk can do to fix the problem, short of using some other technology to deliver the videos.

I’ve run across this problem myself, and solved it in much the same way as Harlan describes below. One of the baffling things is that 64 bit operating systems have been available for more than a few years now. You would think that a company such as Adobe would have been more on top of the move to 64 bit. Read on for the fix:

If you are running 64 bit Revit and you try to run a video from the Help files, you will notice that it doesn’t play. It will prompt you to install Adobe flash, and then the video will not run.

Currently Adobe Flash Player does not support playback in a 64 bit browser. It is possible to run it on 32 bit browsers installed on 64 bit systems, but unfortunately Revit will default to the 64 bit browser in Help. Click here for more information on Adobe’s schedule for Flash Player 64 bit support.

So, to view the videos, you can do the following:

  1. Launch the Help menu.
  2. Open the document with the video and select the video link.
  3. Right click inside the dialog and select Jump to URL.
  4. Copy the text from the Current URL dialog.
  5. Launch 32 bit Internet Explorer and paste the contents into the address bar.

Click here to view a short video illustrating this process.

Source: The Revit Clinic – Watching Help menu animations on a 64 bit machine

SeaRUG Meeting

The July 22nd meeting of the Seattle Revit User Group (SeaRUG) will be co-sponsored by sdb consulting and United Reprographics. I will be providing the lunches to this month’s meeting. I will also be presenting and host a panel discussion along with Pat Byrne of Byrne+Works Architecture, and David Redding, an HVAC designer. The presentation topic will be “Presentation Techniques with Revit”.

From the announcement:

    Meeting Information:

    When: Wednesday, July 2, 2009 (add to Calendar)
    Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
    Where: Seattle Public Library – Central Branch
    Microsoft Auditorium – Level 1
    1000 4th Ave (corner of 4th & Madison)
    Seattle (Map It!)

    This presentation will explore a wide range of presentation techniques available in Revit. Whether you are an engineer or an architect you will learn new ways to represent your projects and discover techniques to refine and improve your current presentation methods. Revit beginners will be exposed to a wide range of tools while advanced users are sure to discover something new. A panel discussion will follow the presentation. This presentation is suited for all AEC professionals using Revit.Thank you to those of you who contributed images to this presentation! For those of you who want to submit images, it’s not too late…please forward any images and/or techniques you would like to share with the group to admin@searug.org.

    Please bring Revit related questions to ask in an open forum setting or forward relevant topics to admin@searug.org.

    Please RSVP by noon on Monday, July 20, if you plan to attend, so we can have an accurate head count for lunch. You must be a registered member on the website to submit your RSVP. Please visit our website at www.searug.org for membership information and registration.
    Register Here

I hope to see you there.

Where did those tutorials go?

If you’ve loaded up Revit and were looking for the help-based tutorials and the associated training files to go along with them, never fear. Go to the menu bar and click Help > Tutorials, and there will be a link that takes you directly to the content downloads. The instructions are simple to download and replace your current help file, and choose Imperial or Metric content for the training files.

Where do I find the archive of Webcasts, presented by Autodesk?

Resource Centers to the rescue.
If you’d seen some of the web tutorials presented by Autodesk, but have lost the various URLs, this site that collects them all: www.autodesk.com/get2bim. Choose your discipline and click the “Learn More” button. You’ll have access to the full archive of all webcasts, and links to sign up for any upcoming events. This is a great way to find out about new versions of the Revit applications, and is full of time-saving tips and tricks.