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Two Revit Hotfixes Available

A couple of critical Hotfixes for Revit have been released today and last week. I would have posted about the first earlier, but Autodesk University as well as more frequent Twitter activity sapped all my blogging powers. Do a quick search for #AU2009 on Twitter… So, I must recharge my batteries now and prepare a series of recaps for you all in the coming days. Hold on tight.

The first fixes some issues with wall editing! Boy if that isn’t something every architect and structural engineer needs… as well as some MEP folks. You should seriously consider applying this hotfix. Thanks to Harlan for sharing.

A new Wall hotfix has been posted.  This hot fix applies to Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP and addresses a issue that causes a crash when modifying or deleting walls. Files are included to fix Update Release 2 or the Subscription Advantage Pack, so make sure you download and install the correct files. Also, make sure to go over the readme files included.

Hotfix – Crash when modifying walls update 2 & subscription advantage pack release

Secondly, there is a hotfix that only applies to those who have installed the RAC (Revit Architecture) Subscription Advantage Pack. Does it repair the broken Classic Mode hack? Sadly no. But you will have control over the graphic display of Structural elements after applying this repair. Everyone else, move along, there’s nothing to see here. 😉

A new hotfix was released today for anyone running the Revit Architecture 2010 Subscription Advantage Build # 20090925_1815. After applying the Subscription Advantage Pack for Revit Architecture 2010, the structural settings dialog is no longer accessible.  The included hotfix will resolve this issue. I have included both the technical solution with additional information as well as a link to the hotfix below:

Structural Settings dialog is not accessible after applying Revit Architecture 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack

Hotfix – Revit subscription advantage pack structural settings dialog

Sources (The Revit Clinic):

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Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs – and it’s not even my birthday

I don’t usually receive presents for Halloween, but this year, under the twirling vines of the pumpkin patch we find little gifts from Autodesk. They arrived with much fan fare in the form of Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs.

Much has been discussed regarding Autodesk Blogger Day. Here are some examples of early information regarding the Revit loot:

The Revit tools have lots to be excited about. I really am looking forward to trying out the framing tools, and using Image Modeler to capture context of a site. I will later add a review of some of these features, once I have had the time.

A new ribbon tab is available in the Renovation Extension for AutoCAD Architecture 2010

A new ribbon tab is available in the Renovation Extension for AutoCAD Architecture 2010 - (click to zoom)

AutoCAD Architecture users don’t fret… although the bloggers have been busy discussing what new toys Revit users on current subscription may download today, ACA has some pretty neat tools as well. If you’ve ever tried to document a renovation project using “AutoCAD for architects” you have probably been frustrated dealing with Layer Key Overrides. It is easy forgetting to disable them and accidentally placing objects on layers they were not intended. To the rescue: Renovation Extension 2010.

Much like phasing in Revit, this tool helps automate the ability to demolish (sans a sledge hammer tool), and add walls representing new construction easily. Once you enable the settings, it’s as simple as deleting a wall, door or window to enable a copy of that object to change “phase” to demolition. Drawing a new wall, automatically treats it as new construction and more importantly, moving a wall will demo the old wall and a portion of the connecting walls, and create infill accordingly. By having control over phase and the ability to lock down existing conditions preventing accidental edits is fascinating. It just may change your established workflow. This may all seem like magic, and I believe it might be.

Hmmm… Revit phasing isn’t quite as simple as this. Score one for the dedicated AutoCAD Architecture fans and users. The links to both sets of mid-year updates in the form of slick marketing videos follows:

Subscription Advantage Pack – Revit Architecture 2010

Subscription Advantage Pack – AutoCAD Architecture 2010

Revit 2009 Web Update 2

For many, many releases, customers have asked for Service Pack technology like AutoCAD-based products… And now, without further adieu, here it is! This is a much smaller download, but includes Web Update #1 as well. Along with that pleasant change, there are many improved stability and performance gains to be had by deploying this update.

I try to remember to back up my personalized settings before installing any updates to applications like Revit which are critical to my work (particularly “Revit.ini” and “KeyboardShortcuts.txt”). That being said, the installation will now backup your files for you. Any files replaced by the Service Pack will be copied to backup folders named XXX_SP2 according to the Readme file.

The Web Update 2 can be found under the Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP 2009 product download pages: